Special Care Guideline

Dellaluna uses noble, naturally dyed and untreated leather. Irregularities, far from being imperfections, make each Dellaluna piece product unique, and guarantee our ongoing commitment to preserve the highest standards of traditional Venetian craftsmanship.

Each Dellaluna piece has been crafted according to ancestral methods and requires special care.

Care Guidelines

- Dellaluna only uses noble and natural leather that require « rest periods ». Ensure the longevity of your Dellaluna product by observing periods of non-use.

- During periods of extended non-use, keep your Dellaluna in its dust bag.

- During periods of extended non-use, stuff your Dellaluna with tissue paper, as to maintain its shape and structure.

- Store your Dellaluna in a dry place.

- Do not use plastic to store your Dellaluna.

- Do not machine wash your Dellaluna. Equally avoid any mechanical washing process.

- Do not use detergents, solvents or diluents that might damage your Dellaluna permanently.

- Remove surface dirt with a dry, clean cloth.

- Avoid prolonged contact with aqueous substances. In the event your Dellaluna product gets soiled, gently dab the said substance with a clean, dry cloth.



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