Acqua Dellaluna by Agnieszka Kurek (2022)



Fashion, like art, is all about layers.


Venice, April 2022 - Maison Dellaluna is thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration with Polish artist Agnieszka Kurek known for her contrasting and precise hyper-reality oil paintings in celebration of the 59th International Art Exhibition in Venice.


Dellaluna Venezia (DLV) is Venice's first ever luxury fashion brand lead by Silvia Paulon, the brand's creative director and avant garde designer who exclaims:


 “Fashion is a daily form of self expression. Our body is a canvas that we dress and accessorize to present ourselves to the world. It is a very personal and sacred form of self expression that can evoke all sorts of impressions on those around us to interpret for themselves and has the power to alter how we feel about ourselves. We often let society and traditional norms dictate what we should wear based on occasion, gender, age and many other factors. Dellaluna was born to stand out, break barriers and show our truest colors to the world. I couldn’t be more proud to collaborate with a talented and forward-thinking artist like Agnieszka Kurek.”


The vernissage for Kurek’s paintings, titled Acqua Dellaluna (Italian for The Moon’s Water), will be held on April 22nd featuring the signature Dellaluna GEMS handbags. The unveiling will take place at the Dellaluna Maison boutique on Calle Vallaresso a few steps from Venice’s famous St. Mark Square.


The GEMS, a collection of uniquely electrifying handbags, were created to evoke and empower feminine energy for all - enforcing the art of self expression through fashion in a historic period where self-awareness and gender norms are being deconstructed and re-evaluated.


The collection is entirely hand-made by the DLV atelier using premium and precious materials with a detailed artistic process. Each GEM features the signature DLV 18kt gold logo with hand-carved compositions on rich suede or calf grain leather. The fusion of bright colors and Venetian-inspired designs have put the DLV GEMS on the top of the most wanted list.



Paulon’s reaction to the ever-growing GEMS demand is not to turn to mass-production in order to satisfy demand, maintaining the Dellaluna hand-made promise and limited availability. Rather, the brand is releasing the GEM-inspired FLIRT collection in conjunction with the 2022 Biennale which will accompany the unveiling of the celebrated GEMS masterpieces created by Kurek. 


Curator Valentina Bizzotto explains: 


DELLALUNA's distinctive brand identity and Kurek's style have a lot in common: the use of bright colors, the soft sensuality of the shapes, and flawless aesthetics.”


The unique DLV boutique, located in the “Rodeo Drive” of Venice is not to be missed. The Maison’s style and design is an artistic period piece of its own. The vetrines of the Dellaluna Maison will display the brilliant work of Agnieszka Kurek - observing the intricate and unique mixtures of colors in daylight and admiring the layer’s shadows at night. 


The blue, the water and the human body are the inspirational themes for Kurek who describes her approach and vision for this project as:

“When you swim under water, you experience the immediacy of sensations. The edge of the water separates the dream from reality. Both spheres are fully real.  An onirism that is no longer the quality of any particular world, neither reality of a dream or a dream. Water gives the opportunity to discover the multiplicity of worlds, crossing smoothly the boundaries between them.

The result? 

“...a particular tension of the senses, you are invited to jump between the real and the imagined. ”



The collaboration has been curated by Valentina Bizzotto contact:

Learn more about Agnieszka Kurek and her work at




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